Through a unique combination of engineering, construction and design disciplines and expertise, Vhusunzi Group (Pty) Ltd delivers world class infrastructure solutions to customers and stakeholders across a broad range of industry sectors. We leverage this competence and expertise to deliver major projects in rural and urban settings.

Our ability to innovate to suit the environments in which we work has also played a role in positioning us as a market leader. 

General maintenance

Vhusunzi Group (Pty) Ltd is built from a vast array of experience. We can provide full service and maintenance programs tailored to your requirements, which can be ranging from “care” maintenance of an empty building through to a residential engineering and a large office or commercial complex.

We are able to maintain all building services for our clients by ensuring that the terms and conditions of Quality Assurance, health and Safety are met.

We provide a quality service at competitive prices, together with the recognition of our client’s requirements and provision of cost effective solutions.

Material handling

We offer material handling services for large scale projects ranging from Mines, Power Stations, and factories.

We have a fleet and systems for any of our customers’ needs at cost effective price.

Our material handling team consists of highly experienced, technicians, project managers, plant operators and supervisors to make sure that all material flow solutions are at their highest performance at all times.

We use high quality and well maintained plant and equipment such as but not limited to:



Mobile screen

Industrial trucks

Bob cats


Water trucks

Storage equipment